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Transfer files via FTP (secure and simple) with one single application. Max-FTP Product Key allows you to manage the connection, transfer and backups with a unique interface.Transfer using FTP...AdvertisementsWell, it’s been a while since my last regular post. Sorry about that. But fear not, regular posts will be coming again soon.Well, because I’ve been pretty busy on the Freelancer website itself, my latest project was commissioned to do a redesign for a blogger site. This means I have to start paying some attention to things on the website too. I figured the best way to do that is by posting my favourite tools on the site here.What’s it for?Right now I’m pretty tech-focused and as such this tool hasn’t been used much. I have used it for simple website creation in the past, but never for features like comments, voting or even forum topics. But I figured that the time has come for that, so I’ve been going through and fixing up my work space.The tool of choice is the tool that is frequently used to create WordPress websites: SquareSpace. SquareSpace is a very easy to use website builder which I used and appreciated in the past.SquareSpace DescriptionWhile there are plenty of different types of website builders around, SquareSpace is a fairly simple one to use. They really made you get the point of website creation relatively fast and it’s all simple drag and drop operations. The only thing that it doesn’t look like you’re doing is building a site.Once you’ve got your site set up as you want it, you’re presented with the feature set on the right of the main page, including ways to set up a portfolio, or adjust your site color scheme. All features on the right are easily drag and drop options, with very few things missing.To create posts (or pages) you’re presented with options for categories, tags, add media, and forums. Categories are simply and easily created (they don’t need to be hierarchical) and you’re presented with a drop down menu when adding tags to get a list of categories for you to add to the post. Tags are similarly simple and can also be treated like categories, but I’ve found them to be more intuitive.Adding media is also pretty simple. As mentioned, you’ 08929e5ed8

Max-FTP Activator Free PC/Windows

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