VLOG: A Spectacular Black Girl Art Show feat. Pookaluv

This past weekend I went to the Spectacular Black Girl Art Show, an expo that showcases original art made by African American women. I have to say the room was filled with talent, not to mention everyone smelled great. I had the honor and privilege of interviewing one of my favorite artist this year, Pookaluv. Known for her crafty take with everyday appliances by designing them from scratch with a variety of paints; I was able to get capture her feelings as this was her first time being involved with this art show.

"These are the kinds of shows I want to be apart of, this is my type of audience." - Pookaluv

An audience that is in admiration of art, an audience that will make the investments towards artists, and in this case an audience the promotes, needs, and cherishes the art from black women.

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