Curator. Producer. Creative Director
Manages film production, location scouting, inventory accuracy checks, customer, client  and company moral.


Director/Producer for CCP - Bem Bem Music Video
Director/Producer/Editor for Basher Chronicles
Production Manager for Forgive Us Our Debts
Behind the scenes photographer for RUSHED TO COME OUT
The NYC Episode for the Docu-series Bash
Behind the Scenes Photographer for Sarah Hyde's music video GRIT
An interview with Briana Arps: Basher Chronicles
Assistant Producer for Life Willingly (2019)


Are you seeking a true message in life? Many of us are; and chances are that if you're still reading this you are as well. At Basher Visuals my mission is to bring out the message that you're seeking to find, or create through a high quality lens. My expertise is creating visual stories that evoke emotion at its purest form, whether visually or audibly. Together, we can awake your vision and turn it into reality.

...What a year it's been. I have a sayin
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  • No victory comes without pain.

  • No completion comes without discipline.

  • No discipline comes without struggle.

  • No confidence comes without doubt.

Regardless of how Act 1 begins, the final act is what matters.

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Jaanna Anaemereibe


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